Eyes On You Photography | About
A professional photographer who specializes in Wedding Photography & Portraits. I will photograph anything that catches my eye. I love taking portraits or candid shots with a natural backdrop, but am not opposed to material backdrops. I prefer self-created material backdrops over muslins but will use them if requested. I often find myself photographing my family or friends and their families for the pure joy of it, along with stills and landscapes. I'm versatile and willing to work with you to meet your needs or desires for your pictures.
Educational Background:
Although I do not hold a degree in Photography I do hold a Bachelor of Science in Comm. & Human Services. During my college years for both my Associates Degree and my Bachelors Degree I have taken several classes in Art/Photography/Computer Software and Editing as electives along with a few certificate classes and online seminars on photography. I also have an educational background in business and psychology. I believe that the combination of educational and personal experience in my degree field, course electives and seminars in the field of Photography along with a keen eye for taking beautiful pictures gives me all the tools I need to be a great photographer in all aspects of the job.
Great pictures don't come from the degree you hold, they come from the beauty in your subjects and your ability to capture it.